The Websites


I have designed the navigational structure of the Lyndenlea websites to be a simple four-teir heirarchy. The various websites themselves are at the top of this heirarchy, and are very easy to navigate between using the "Other Lyndenlea websites" drop-down menu near the top-right corner of each page. Simply select a website from the list, and then click on the "Go" button. Each website's Home page gives details of and links to the sections of that site; similarly, each section's opening page provides links to the pages within that section. Where pages are further subdivided into multiple parts, links to each part are included on the page itself, and often also within each part so you can easily browse between them.

There is one section that is common to all of the Lyndenlea websites. This is known as the Home section because at its root is the Home page of the website. It always contains the same pages, however the content of these pages will sometimes differ between sites. Links to all of the pages in the Home section, including the site's Home page itself, are provided at the end of each page below the main content.

Navigational Aids

One of the pages within the Home section is the Site Map. This page provides quick and easy access to every section, every page, and nearly every part within a particular website to save you having to navigate down through the heirarchy. The only parts that aren't included in the Site Map are those where the page is subdivided in such a way that it is necessary to make selections from a form to navigate deeper.

In essence, the Site Map is simply a fully-expanded version of the Dynamic Site Menu. This menu can be found to the left of every page, and allows you to easily move between the various sections of each website, as well as all the pages within both the Home section and the section you're currently browsing. It's "dynamic" because it automatically expands the section you're currently browsing to show the pages within that section (the Home section remains expanded at all times). And if the page you're on is subdivided into multiple parts, the menu expands further to show you all the different parts of the page.

To further help you keep track of where you are, on the left immediately above the main content of each page you'll find a breadcrumb trail ("You are here") that changes as you browse the websites. Each item in the breadcrumb trail is a link to that particular level in the heirarchy of the sites, allowing you to find related pages and information with ease.

Hiding the Dynamic Site Menu

There are times when the Dynamic Site Menu is automatically hidden to make the best use of the available width. This will usually only happen on-screen when you are viewing a large photograph, such as after clicking on a thumbnail or preview image, but you might find that other pages will also hide the menu if the page content is wider than normal. Such behaviour will always be explained on the preceeding page in the site's heirarchy. The Dynamic Site Menu will also be hidden whenever you're browsing the Lyndenlea websites on a small-screen device, and when you print a page - this is to save you both paper and ink.

You can configure the Dynamic Site Menu to be hidden at all times using the Display Options page. Your preference will be stored in a cookie (a small text file) on your computer. If your Web browser is configured not to accept cookies, you'll be unable to hide the Dynamic Site Menu yourself, although it will still be hidden automatically as described above. For more information on the use of cookies on the Lyndenlea websites, please see the Privacy Statement.