The Websites


At the beginning of July 2007 I started keeping detailed log files, recording each time a visitor viewed a page on a Lyndenlea website, including whether the page loaded successfully, from where the visitor was referred, and the visitor's current IP address and Host Name. This data is used solely for creating aggregated analyses of visitors' behaviour whilst using the websites, such as which pages are most popular, and where links might no longer work.

I have absolutely no intention of ever attempting to link this data with any individual.

As an example of how the data collected is used, and also to give you an idea of visitor numbers to the Lyndenlea websites, the table below shows the number of visitors per month to each of the websites during the selected year.


Total per month in 2011

This table shows the total number of hits (page views) for each of the Lyndenlea websites in each month of 2011. The total number of hits for each website is given in the bottom row, with the grand total for the period in the bottom right-hand corner.

Due to space constraints, in the table below each website is represented by a letter, as follows:

  1. Lyndenlea
  2. About Lyndenlea
  3. Lyndenlea Bells
  4. Lyndenlea Milestones
  5. Martin S Pearson
  6. Queens On A Chessboard
in each month of 2011
Month of 2011 Lyndenlea website
A B C D E F All
January 703 622 1167 1092 1333 2161 7078
February 667 635 1341 854 1170 2157 6824
March 772 701 1011 487 1087 2027 6085
April 762 678 1245 680 1076 1743 6184
May 816 37 54 53 175 149 1284
June             0
July             0
August             0
September             0
October             0
November             0
December             0
Total 3720 2673 4818 3166 4841 8237 27455